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Our History

FM180 Ltd is a BIM4FM Consultancy established to support the operational requirements of its client base. Incorporated in 2010, the focus was specifically to support one of the UK's largest Facilities Management organisations in its technical global operations across multiple industries. Initially, our primary brief was to identify the clients CAFM requirements and to match these to the best platform available within the industry. Our search spanned the global CAFM/IWMS marketplace. The specification finally took the team abroad to Iceland after identifying an advanced cloud based platform called MainManager.


The product had been developed over 18 years and was utilised by many Scandinavian organisations from small utility companies to Cities/Municipalities. The application met the specification on all levels and far beyond the client’s expectations. The FM180 team worked extremely closely with the developers and over the past 5 years have created through partnership one of the UK’s richest, most cost effective and proven IWMS in circulation today. As the partnership grew, not only with the developers but also with the client, greater emphasis was placed on FM180’s experience of providing wider digital solutions and procedures. New legislation as well as technology advancements and new client requirements spawned a reef of knowledge in the organisation. We continue to search for new and innovative solutions to support the challenges of FM delivery. This has resulted in FM180’s software portfolio growing to encompass a number of solutions to service the diversity and complexity of the Facilities Management industry.


We have discovered that one product or application does not fit all. The team here at FM180 listens, learns and then educates. As adept at change management and project management as we are at software selection, the organisation has developed into a consultancy with a wealth and breadth of knowledge allowing us to support clients in all areas and disciplines within the FM sector. Our practical and technical skillsets enable us to become an asset to your organisation as and when you need us.

Future Projects

In 2012 the UK Government announced the requirements of Level 2 BIM for future projects and developed the GSL Policy. Multiple BIM action groups were formed almost immediately. Members of the FM180 team became heavily involved and began to share their FM knowledge with design and construction colleagues in order to give FM a voice in the BIM process. BIM4FM was established as a key buzz-word and allowed the BIM discussion to move into the Operate and Maintain phase of building lifecycles. The possibilities of using this rich data source shook the CAFM industry into a development frenzy to incorporate cross platform links into the well-established design and construction industry. FM180 could see the potential of the data crossover and immediately began to establish its roots into BIM4FM services. BIM data is key to the success of the FM phase of a facility. Never before has FM been in a position to influence this data evolution. Using BIM information we can now not only prove the concept of lifecycle management, but also accurately measure and monitor asset performance against labour and material costs.

Turn it around

With FM180, your FM needs are in safe hands. Let us "turn it around" for your organisation.

FM180 is the BIM4FM Consultancy. Our solutions are client driven and not restricted to one platform. Our portfolio includes BIM ready CAFM/IWMS, Mobile Service delivery platforms, BIM/Architectural Survey tools and IT infrastructure and support. Coupled with this is our proven ability to define, plan and deliver projects on time, within budget to agreed quality standards.

For a meeting with our team, please contact us and we will be happy to advise, integrate and partner with you on your BIM4FM Projects.

The Service

FM180 is an experienced FM consultancy that has embraced BIM for the FM environment. We work effectively to deliver the life time advantages of maximising the potential of BIM across the ‘whole life’ cycle of a new building.

Key to this is ensuring the involvement of FM at the earliest stages of project design to ensure that the requirements of the FM environment are included from the outset. The engagement of FM should continue throughout the construction process right to the point of handover.

At this point a fully populated and FM enabled BIM model will drive operational effectiveness, increasing productivity and reducing costs without cutting service.

FM180 also works extensively with traditional FM customers and can retrospectively map their buildings to the 3D environment.

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