Support Tool

FM180 has partnered with some of the world's FM industries most innovative and BIM compliant application developers. In the search for inspiring technologies, the team here at FM180 have aided and evolved the FM process. The products below are our key partners and offerings to our clients. FM180 project manages the implementation on all levels, delivering a turnkey solution that always meets with the client's brief.


FM180 has brought MainManager to the UK marketplace to meet the needs of the growing BIM4FM customer base. It can support your BIM process from the design phase onwards.


Orthograph allows non BIM buildings to be 3D mapped then imported into the BIM FM software platform, enabling effective operational management of older buildings.


Built on the technologies utilised in Graphisoft ArchiCAD and .Net architecture, this product is a true rich BIM4FM solution. FM180 is the UKs only Distribution and Consultancy Partner.

Asyst 365

Do you need controlled access to your documents from anywhere at any time? Liberate your office space and secure your documents in a bespoke Asyst Cloud.


Fissara FM is a light work management and scheduling application that provides both small and large business with effective tools to enable efficiency, effectiveness and growth.

Experience and first-hand knowledge has enabled FM180 to be clear and defined in its approach to the client brief. RFI's have increasingly diverse requirements, but with a core platform that supports a fully integrated and rich database that can be accessed at any time, any place and on any device with an internet connection. FM180 can deliver the perfectly matched solution that our customers are looking for. Partnering with FM180 is not a brief relationship; our team of consultants and technical staff become part of the lifecycle of all our clients' portfolios.