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The most comprehensive Field Force Management Application

What can Fissara do for you?

Fissara FM is a light work management and scheduling application that provides both small and large business with effective tools to enable efficiency, effectiveness and, most importantly, growth without the cost of larger systems.

Schedule and manage

Schedule and Manage

Continually improve the efficiency of your field teams, reduce costs and improve customer service. Using drag-and-drop visual schedules and calculated travel times, efficient daily schedules for your workforce can be generated.

Mobilise and interact

Mobilise and Interact

Fissara’s mobile Android or IOS application is simple to use and extremely functional. It ensures your remote workers have the tools to know where to go, when to go there, what to do and collect accurate data.

Reports and analysis

Reports and Analysis

In modern operations you need to have real time visibility of your business as well as retrospective information in order to improve the efficiency of your operation and respond quickly to real time situations.

Customers and companies

Customers and Companies

Fissara puts your customer at the centre of your business with detailed activity history for every customer and processes to improve your customer service with up to date customer and site information.

Connect Your Mobile Workforce

Process and workflow

Process and Workflow

Improve and optimise your operational process flows using Fissara workflows. Design your own workflows that can be triggered at designated events during the job cycle, ensuring the right people are doing the right things at the right time.

Forms and data collection

Forms and Data Collection

Design and create forms, checklists, surveys and much more and deploy them to your workforce for completion. Formul8 enables you to build tailored electronic processes and dynamically capture information directly from the locations that you operate your business.

People and assests

People and Assets

Effective resource management is critical to the smooth and efficient operation of your business. You need to ensure you have the correct operational structure whilst making the most of your resources and maintaining the correct skill levels.